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I'm someone who began learning French when I was 53. I took a BA in French at 60 but wasn't happy with my level of comprehension (though I read very well). So, having really become comfortable with Spanish only by living on the Mexican border, I'm spending more time in Québec and near the border of Quebec, in Vermont, to see if I can do that here with French. I want to encourage others to do the same.

Monday, 13 July 2009

le Festival d'été et plus

Bon jour,

Que bon être ici dans l'été avec mon conjoint, Tony. Nous avons été ici dans la ville (dans la très petit apartement avec fenetre à la ruelle) depuis le 9 juillet. Et nous partirons demain parce qu'il doit aller au Texas et son traville.

It`s wonderful to be here with Tony. We came up on the 9th. We share the tiny apartment with its window on the alley.

We've enjoyed many of the Festival d'été acts, especially (so far) The Lost Fingers, Matayashu, and today, nearly rained out, the Spam All-stars, the only true jazz act we've heard. It's Tony's second time to attend the Festival d'été.

[posted July 13. Tony loved being here in La Bibliothèque St.-Jean-Baptiste¸]

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