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I'm someone who began learning French when I was 53. I took a BA in French at 60 but wasn't happy with my level of comprehension (though I read very well). So, having really become comfortable with Spanish only by living on the Mexican border, I'm spending more time in Québec and near the border of Quebec, in Vermont, to see if I can do that here with French. I want to encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

à propos de lacrymogène (tear gas)

Ici un article en The Washington Post:


Article explains why this chemical weapon is banned for use in war.

Sylvia with children in El Paso whose families made it through.

Mother with twins among those tear-gassed

Friday, 9 November 2018

Nous sommes fiers de Beto. Nous nous souvenons.

 Nous sommes venus très proche.  7 novembre, 2018, Texas

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Hourra! pour Québec Solidaire

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Manon Massé

Ci-dessous d'un article sur l'election recemment:

Quebec Solidaire elected representatives in Quebec City, the Eastern Townships and the Abitibi region, an accomplishment in itself, as it had never elected anybody outside of Montreal before. 

Québec Solidaire a élu des représentants pour la Ville de Québec, les Cantons de l'Ést et la région Abitibi, un accomplissement lui-même, puisqu'il n'a jamais élu quelq'une dehors de Montreal dans le passé.

a lire plus:  https://news.vice.com/en_ca/article/pa9qj8/what-the-canadian-left-can-learn-from-quebec-solidaires-campaign.  https://news.vice.com/en_ca/article/pa9qj8/what-the-canadian-left-can-learn-from-quebec-solidaires-campaign

Friday, 21 September 2018

de The Morrin Center

Pipe Dreams: An ImagiNation off-festival event
Tuesday, October 2, 7:30 p.m.
Join us for the Quebec City launch of Pipe Dreams. Jacques Poitras’ latest book has been described as a timely, accessible approach to how Canada’s  oil pipelines become crucibles for debate about our energy future, Indigenous treaty rights, environmental activism, and east-west political tensions, told through the story of the rise and fall of the Energy East pipeline.

Pipe Dreams : un événement ImagiNation
mardi 2 octobre, 19h30
Joignez-vous à nous pour le lancement de Pipe Dreams à Québec. Raconté comme le récit d’un voyage à travers le pays, le livre explore comment l’aliénation de l’ouest canadien, le séparatisme québécois, l’activisme autochtone et des enjeux climatiques se sont combinés pour remettre en question le rôle des combustibles fossiles dans l’économie canadienne.

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Friday, 24 August 2018

Better transit services needed in Vermont

When I heard that more connectedness between Quebec and Vermont would be the subject of the  Vermont Public Radio station (NPR), and that the focus would be, especially, transportation, I e-mailed this comment/question which indeed was read on the air on Monday, August 18:


Northern Vermont needs more public transportation if the previously shared cultural heritage of the Eastern Townships/Northeast Kingdom is to thrive or even survive.  Quebec City is less than 4 hours by car from Stanstead/Derby Line, but for the person who wants to travel conscientiously, there's no way to get to Sherbrooke to catch a bus or to travel back from there on return.

It doesn't help that Montreal is closer, because one still has to get to Sherbrooke or Magog, and there's no way.  (Montreal's great, but it's not as French.  Is it even in the Eastern Townships?)

There's a dire need for public transportation in the NEK, and as someone who has tried for many years to learn French and be a better neighbor to Quebec, but also to the planet, I really hope that this issue of connection through public transport can receive more attention.  Ignoring the need for public transportation while giving focus to such as electric private vehicles is not even part of the solution but rather part of the problem.  
I was glad they read it but quite sad with the answer or response to comment, all about how public transit regulations are too different for there to be any connections.  Very bureaucratic answer from whomever, not really addressing  the problem at all.