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I'm someone who began learning French when I was 53. I took a BA in French at 60 but wasn't happy with my level of comprehension (though I read very well). So, having really become comfortable with Spanish only by living on the Mexican border, I'm spending more time in Québec and near the border of Quebec, in Vermont, to see if I can do that here with French. I want to encourage others to do the same.

Friday, 9 September 2016

the Chaudiere Falls, Chutes-de-la-Chaudière

"Located in Lévis, at just a couple of minutes from Quebec City, the Chutes-de-la-Chaudière are a spectacular sight! These 35 metre high falls are the last and most impressive jolt of the Chaudière River, flowing on 185 km all the way to the St. Lawrence River. ... "  


Mon amie Io, née à Lévis, et les Chutes-de-la-Chaudière de Lévis.
Io reads poster at Parc de la Chute, Chaudière, of free cultural events

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