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I'm someone who began learning French when I was 53. I took a BA in French at 60 but wasn't happy with my level of comprehension (though I read very well). So, having really become comfortable with Spanish only by living on the Mexican border, I'm spending more time in Québec and near the border of Quebec, in Vermont, to see if I can do that here with French. I want to encourage others to do the same.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Avant le fin de l'année, on doit dire de cette exhibition au musée de la civilisation

Jusque mars, il y a dans le Musée de la Civilisation quelque chose très important, je crois, une exhibition appelé 25X.

Great exhibit at Museum of Civilization  up until March 2017.

A Bread & Puppet banner.

Hanging above the video dedicated to the Seattle protest is a Bread and Puppet banner that shows again in the video.

I'll put a short video of the video as well, in case your computer can play it.

Anything they put up at le Musée de la Civilisation is very, very good, but this exhibit is excellent especially for those of us interested in recent world history.  25  major protests from 25 different places in the world that have occurred over the 25 years since the Tienanmen Square protest in 1989 each have a video of a spokesperson explaining the reasons for and significance of the protest.

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